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Common Sense Tips for Caribbean Cruise Wear

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- by Vicki Hodgson, Jet-Lag Travel Fashion Boutique, Richmond (Vancouver), BC, Canada

Unlike some other vacation options, cruising actually offers one the opportunity to dress for various occasions, which, as we women know, can be an adventure unto itself. Let’s uncomplicate it by looking at your needs and preparing you to make cruise wear choices in advance.

In packing for intense sun conditions consider protection for your skin from harmful UV rays. Keep in mind the bleaching effect that concentrated sun and heat have on dark fabrics and remember that sun lotions can leach colour from deep shades.

Enjoy warm weather fashions and consider full spectrum colour tropical prints in wrinkle resistant cottons. A slight spandex factor can make them additionally comfortable as they offer less resistance and flex with you. Avoid fatigue and discomfort; keep cruise wear fabrics loose to promote good circulation and allow for adjustment to changes in barometric pressure.

Ocean moisture and perspiration contribute to wrinkles. Choose either non-wrinkle clothing or fabric that wrinkles fall out of with walking. Keep them light in colour and in weight. Just as you increase your intake of water so dehydration doesn’t sap your energy, avoid tiring, dark, heavy fabrics. Lightweight wrinkle resistant cottons like Ezze Wear permit air to circulate, weigh less to pack and dry faster when washed. Factor in wind protection and sea spray by packing a lightweight wind and waterproof outer garment.

For those people with sun sensitivity, we carry UPF rated shirts, tops, swimsuit cover-ups, pants, capris, hats and sunglasses. Another delightful yet not so well known fabric that has the feel of raw silk is Hempwear. Besides being very affordable, it keeps you cool in summer, warm in winter and offers some UV ray protection. Hempwear is exceptionally durable and washes like a dream.

Warm weather climate invites casual open toe footwear. Remember the tops and souls of your feet can burn if left exposed and unprotected. It’s fun to adorn our toes, nails and ankles. While you’re at it, make moisturizer and UV protection a routine part of vacation foot care. Aching, burnt, blistered and dry feet can be immobilizing. Little strappy shoes are a fun part of cruise wear. Avoid tan lines as you walk about the pool aboard ship -- Barely There adhesive sandals stick to your soles. They’re novel and quiet, without the flip-flop…and allow you to change between sandal styles without tan lines spoiling the effect. They’re also a great conversation piece!

Hats are not only a chic fashion statement but also a wise choice. Crushable Paper Hats travel well and resume their shape after removal from a bag or purse. Not only can they can conceal pool hair, but also a wide brim will provide face shade to make reading at poolside more comfortable. Hat shade and a good pair of Polarized sunglasses will reduce eyestrain by filtering glare. The scalp is sensitive and needs protection from the effects of over exposure. Keep your head covered during peak sunshine to prevent a sore, itchy scalp from over-drying and sunburn.

Pack for versatility. Cruise wear, albeit often country club casual, can also include Classy Formal Wear. Be prepared with a formal outfit or two. A 2-piece top with skirt or pant can also be mixed with other pieces for a fresh new look. A shirt can double as a jacket over a tank top. A tank top with a shelf bra can replace a standard bra and reduce tan lines. Reversible clothes do double time in providing alternative colours and patterns. Black and white separates give you more options in combination with a few colourful accessories. Add colour and flair with jewellery, footwear, handbags, hats, wraps and tops.

Be creative, try rolling the sleeves on a shirt to ¾ length and roll up the sleeve on your t-shirt, too. Layer a tank top under a t-shirt; roll up your pants for a flood pant or Capri look. For more ideas look at a fashion magazine before you go shopping and don’t hesitate to ask the ladies at specialty boutiques for advice. And don't forget to leave space in your baggage to purchase those fun regional prints in local flavors and styles.

Pack clothes that you can hand wash in your room and hang to dry. If you put washed articles outside to dry, protect colors and fabric by putting them in the shade. And weigh them down! A surprise stiff breeze has whisked off many a lingerie who knows where!

While it’s preferable to lock your valuables in a room safe, if you must carry them, keep them secure. Concealable Travel Pouches that attach to your waist or neck can be worn under your garments and offer zipper pockets to protect cash, credit cards, room cards and passports. Waterproof Travel Pouches are also available.

With so many all inclusive vacations being offered to the islands, there's never been a better time to plan your Caribbean cruise adventure.

Now you are ready. Stay safe and have a wonderful cruise.

pansyAll bolded items above are available at Jet-Lag Travel Fashion Boutique, 110-12031 2nd Ave., Steveston Village, Richmond, B.C. Call 604-277-3331 today!

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