Calla Prana Yoga


In person with a Zoom option during public health closures due to Covid-19

Designed especially for the mature women’s physique incorporating Hatha Yoga to target those body parts we women most need to focus on as we mature.


Classes are fun, the group is friendly and there is more personal attention where individual strengths and limitations are taken into consideration. Just as each one of us is unique so too every class is different. Ours is a community, as such we meet outside of class at a few yearly social events.
Certified yoga Instructor: Vicki Hodgson
Prepaid Classes $13 + GST (includes Zoom option during closures)


Spring Season Starts March 23-June, Ends Fri June 24. Choose from Wednesday or Friday. Take all 2 and save $25. 

Wednesday 9:30 – 10:30 am Stretch Yoga* – Relax, elongate, focus on flexibility, 13 classes $182 + GST March 25-June 22

Friday 9:30 – 10:30 am Hatha Yoga, 13 classes $182 + GST March 25-June 24

Drop-in $15/Class + GST Phone ahead for indoor classes.

Classes Ongoing. Check if a class is scheduled on a statutory holiday.

Bring: Yoga Mat, Stretch Band, Block and Water. Outdoors: Sunglasses and Hat

Indoors: Mats are to be placed a minimum of 2 meters apart, see marked spaces and follow directional instructions, Student limit: 11 per class (+ Instructor)


Wild Yoga Studio upstairs at the Steveston Hub
3551 Moncton Street. 
Steveston Village
Richmond, B.C.


Steveston Park grassy area just east of the Community Police Station on Moncton Rd, Richmond, B.C.

Registration: Call (604) 277-3331. Visa and Mastercard accepted for telephone registration.
Email: Payment by Interac Transfer accepted.

Class Style

Besides mat work, we utilize a block and stretch band. Classes are at an intermediate level (ideal for Women 50 +, but all ages are welcome) and are taught in a safe and encouraging environment that allows participants to work at their own level of ability.
Indoor class begins with a short period of meditation, complimented by essential oils, candlelight and accompanied by stimulating music. We end with deep relaxation in Savasana followed by a singing bowl.
Outdoor class begins with a short period of meditation, then we practise on the grass, in the company of squirrels, under the sky and between the waving pines, watching the eagles circle above. We end with deep relaxation in Savasana followed by a singing bowl.
The focus is on a relaxed, encouraging, playful and calming style of teaching making this a positive environment where classes are contemplative, nurturing, and supportive.

Covid-19 Protocols:
Wear a mask entering and exiting the building and remove it only on your mat. Use hand sanitizer on entry. Remove shoes at door. Maintain social distancing at all times. Remain home if you are unwell. Stay safe.

A message from Vicki:

It is my great pleasure to share my passion and welcome you to our community.

Postures are taught with detailed cues to facilitate proper alignment and prevent injury. Students are encouraged to listen to their body, to develop self-awareness and patience, and to respect who and where they are right now.

I support gentleness and kindness to the body and mind while guiding students to new discoveries and possibilities through their yoga journey. Sharing together with authenticity and laughter are the highlights of every class.

Namaste, Vicki