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Do lock your luggage, but buy a TSA (Transportation Security Administration) approved lock.

If airport security personnel need to inspect your checked bag, they no longer need to cut your locks or force the bag open and risk damaging it. Travel Sentry® locks allow TSA to open your locks and re-lock your bags, sending them quickly on their way. Locking your luggage ensures you are protected from the liability of anyone smuggling contraband in your luggage.

Don’t confuse the function of an adapter with that of a converter.

An adapter allows you to plug a North American appliance (hair dryers and irons, etc.) into an outlet abroad. An adapter does not convert the current to make it compatible with your appliance. That is the role of a converter. Most adapter/converter kits feature a converter that adjusts common foreign electrical currents with 4 coded adapter plugs that correspond with countries worldwide. Look for a compact converter/adapter kit that includes its own convenient travel case and an easy-to-use electrical reference chart for most countries around the world. It is recommended that for computers you look under laptop gear for a suitable adapter.

Recommended carry-on vacation necessities.

For distance travel – definitely carry-on a super comfortable travel pillow. Even if you don’t use it to rest, it can also be a lumbar support. No Jet-Lag (all natural holistic) to prevent jet-lag, leg swelling, fatigue, encourage good sleep and adjust to time changes and/or long distance travel. Pressure ease ear plugs, filters sound, allows conversation while preventing inner ear compression due to changes in air pressure. Luxury eye mask; soft breathable fabric prevents perspiration, while the under-eye flap blocks light. Eco-friendly clip-on bag that folds out for magazines, bottled water, a cover-up and small purchases.

For your security – we recommend RFID sleeves or wallet for your credit cards and passport – also see our RFID Waist Stash or Neck Stash.

Suggestions to reduce bulk in your luggage.

Be prepared to do in room hand laundry. Take a travel clothesline – suctions/or hooks to walls to drape clothing for drying, and compact laundry detergent. Bring our Enzymic roll-on/blot spot remover – organically removes stains without damage to fabric fibres. 

Use our Compression Bags – Designed for travelers who want to pack more in less space by compressing bulky items. Transparent for quick content identification, reusable, protects items from dirt, insects, moisture and odour.

How do I know if my luggage is overweight or will fit? 

Bring our Micro Scale. It is compact, has a capacity of 110 lbs and packs easily. Look up your airlines parameters regarding weight and size. Don't assume your aging roll aboard will meet carry on size restrictions. Space on planes is ever more at a premium, and travelers want to avoid checking their luggage. Check before you go! 

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