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Featuring adjustable straps as well as a unique shape designed to block out all light, this contour eye mask will truly give you a good night’s rest.

The lightweight material of this mask makes it so that it rests gently against your face without pressing into your eyes. The molded contours ensure that your make-up does not get smudged so you can take a quick nap and still make it on time for your night out or for your business meeting.

The elastic straps are also easy to adjust so the mask fits around your head comfortably, even while lying in bed.

Take advantage of this unique contour eye mask to get some shuteye no matter where you go.

• Contoured design allows for uninterrupted REM sleep
• Does not smudge make-up
• Adjustable elastic straps
• Hand washable
• 3.5in x 9in

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PLU: 1-9511


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